The unbelievable media chorus

in favor of continued forced lockdowns, despite the lack of any credible evidence whatsoever that they work, continues.

The latest UN report

On the effect of lockdowns on the world’s children estimates that hundreds of thousands of children will die as a consequence of this economic suicide that we are allowing to happen.

Some bulleted excerpts from the report:

Extreme Poverty to Rise

  • At a household level, the collapse in income threatens the livelihoods of millions of house- holds with children around the world. Inputting the forecasts from the IMF optimistic scenario into an IFPRI poverty model4 indicates an increase in extreme poverty (PPP$1.90
    a day) this year of 84 to 132 million people, approximately half
    of whom are children, compared to a pre-pandemic counterfactual scenario.
  • While children are not the face of this pandemic, its broader impacts on children risk being catastrophic and amongst the most lasting consequences for societies as a whole.


Reversal of Progress on Infant Mortality

  • The global economic downturn could result in hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths in 2020, reversing the last 2 to 3 years of progress in reducing infant mortality within a single year.


Loss of Crucial Learning and Development

  • The potential losses that may accrue in learning for today’s young generation, and for the development of their human capital, are
    hard to fathom

Covid Rarely Kills Poor Children. Measles Does.

  • The share of symptomatic children who lose their lives to the virusin China has been estimated as 1 in 25,000, which is 30 times less
    than of the middle aged and 3,000 times less than the elderly.
  • …measles immunization campaigns have been suspended in at least
    23 countries that had cumulatively targeted more than 78 million


Children’s Mental Health

  • The effects of physical distancing measures and movement
    restrictions on children’s mental health represent another cause
    for concern. …For children facing extreme deprivations, acute
    stress can impair their cognitive development and trigger
    longer-term mental health challenges


Nowhere to Go

  • Enforced shutdowns, curfews and movement restrictions have led to
    the sudden closure of refugee camps and residential institutions,
    and the dispersion of slum-dwellers, including children

I don’t want to read any more about how “we’re all in this together,” “quarantine has let us focus on what’s really important,” “we all have to adjust to the new normal,” or any other delusional, privileged, wealthy-country platitudes. This is harming millions of children and killing hundreds of thousands.

It needs to stop.


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